On - Site Technical Safety Inspections and Test of all types of equipment

Including but not limited to the following:
Mobile Crane (telescopic and lattice)
Other Lifting Equipment (overhead crane, tower crane, forklift truck, gantry crane, goliath crane, port crane, semi-gantry cranes, monorail, under hung cranes, jib cranes, side boom Tractors, man lift (cherry picker), ship loader, ship crane, etc.)
Construction Elevator or Hoist
Below-The Hook Lifting Devices (jacks, personnel baskets, spreader bar/beam, balanced pallet lifter, balanced C hook, automatic slab tong, edge grip sheet clamp, etc.)
Lifting Accessories (slings, shackles, Harness & Lanyard, Lifeline, Rapelling (Rescue), Inertia Reel, and other rigging gears)
Other (Elevated Platforms, scissor lift, scaffold,)

Load Testing & Certification Of the above where applicable to meet Company or National Standards.