On - Site Technical Safety Inspections and Test of all types of equipment

Including but not limited to the following:
Mobile Crane (telescopic and lattice)
Other Lifting Equipment (overhead crane, tower crane, forklift truck, gantry crane, goliath crane, port crane, semi-gantry cranes, monorail, under hung cranes, jib cranes, side boom Tractors, man lift (cherry picker), ship loader, ship crane, etc.)
Construction Elevator or Hoist
Below-The Hook Lifting Devices (jacks, personnel baskets, spreader bar/beam, balanced pallet lifter, balanced C hook, automatic slab tong, edge grip sheet clamp, etc.)
Lifting Accessories (slings, shackles, Harness & Lanyard, Lifeline, Rapelling (Rescue), Inertia Reel, and other rigging gears)
Other (Elevated Platforms, scissor lift, scaffold,)

Load Testing & Certification Of the above where applicable to meet Company or National Standards.

Technical Inspection and Functional Test of Off-road Heavy Equipment:

Construction Heavy Equipment
Road Grader
Dump Truck
Front Wheel Loader
Road Roller Compactor
Asphalt Paver
Mobile Boring Rig
Hydraulic Excavator (Back Hoe/Power Shovel)
Cement Mixer
Concrete mix Pump

Mining Equipment
Haul Pack (60 tonnes and above rated capacity)
Mobile Crusher
Fuel Tanker
Water Trucks
Material Stacker / Reclaimer
Power Shovel
Hydraulic Excavator
Drilling Machines
Supply of Certified Rigging Gears, such as:
Slings (Wire Ropes, Fibrous Webs, Chains)
Fittings (Shackles, Thimbles, Cable Clips / Clamps)
Lifting Clamps
Other Rigging Gear Accessories
Operational Safety Awareness Training Custom Fit For Your Company Needs
Safety Seminar for Forklift Operation
Tower Crane Operation and Safety
Tower Crane Erection and Dismantling
Steel Building Frame Erection and Plumbing Up
Steel Tube Scaffolding Erection and Safety
Rigging and Heavy Equipment Operations and Safety
Overhead Crane Operation and Safety
Mobile Crane Operation and Safety
Elevator and Gondola Operation and Safety
All Construction Heavy Equipment like Backhoe, Dump truck, Pay loader, Bulldozer, Backhoe, Hydraulic Drill (Crawler Type), Bobcat, Fuel Truck Operation and Safety
Equipment Vehicle Spotter(Signal Man) Safety Training
Passenger Elevator Operation and Safety
Cargo/Freight Operation and Safety

Crane Accident Investigations Equipment Appraisal Prior to Purchase

Design verification of fabricated and altered lifting equipment
Testing of lifts, independent witnessing of equipment performance test to guarantee that performance values are met.
Repair and Maintenance of lifting and heavy equipment.
Erection and Dismantling of Tower Crane
Engineered and Critical Lift Planning and Execution