Our History
LIFTING AND HEAVY EQUIPMENT SAFETY SPECIALIST OF ASIA CORPORATION (LHESSACORP) was established on January 16, 2006, and was registered to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the same year. The company is an accredited agency by the Bureau of Working Conditions - Department of Labor and Employment for conducting a "Third Party Technical Safety Inspection/Testing and Certification of Construction Heavy Equipment" in pursuant to "Section 10 of Department Order No. 13, series 1998, (Guidelines Governing Occupational Safety and Health in the Construction Industry").
Since the time it derives its expertise from her mother company (The Mobile Crane Inspection of Asia) that was in existence since November 1997 up to December 2005 to which Lhessa had the same priority on the same objectives. It's only the management that had changed and rejuvenated for progress and improvement.
Company Profile
LHESSA Corporation is primarily engaged in Quality Control and Skills Training for all types of Lifting Equipment such as CRANES and CONSTRUCTION HEAVY EQUIPMENT. The company uses the STATE OF THE ART DIGITAL LOAD WEIGHT MEASURING DEVICE / (Load Weight Indicator) and Digital Vernier Caliper to ensure accuracy of required weight and geometric measurement respectively.
LHESSA Corporation holds a reputation for high quality services that had enabled it to be a reliable resource for Third Party Safety Inspection for Lifting and Construction Heavy Equipment.
LHESSA Corporation provide its clients, the correct system of safety procedures, as an advisor on safety and accident prevention, covering lifting equipment, and to provide a source of employment thru skills training.
LHESSA Corporation provides real time condition of lifting and heavy equipment to its clients and prevent unforeseen incidents which could result to damage to life and properties.
LHESSA Corporation provides continuous source of livelihood to its employees.
LHESSA Corporation ensures no employee gets hurt while performing his duty.
LHESSA Corporation is the most reliable and effective lifting and heavy equipment consulting and testing organization for construction, mining, industrial, maritime and power generation companies.
In order to do this, it shall...
  • Employ qualified competent people and continuously improve their capabilities thru training and other source of skills enhancements.
  • Design and develop its work systems to satisfy and delight its customers
  • Keep itself abreast with the latest information, product and process technologies
  • Use reliable testing equipment and acceptable standards to ensure accuracy of technical reports as bases for certification.
LHESSA Corporation shall contribute to the economic progress of the nation by working with government agencies and clients on preservation of life and property by providing technical expertise on lifting safety in the construction, mining, industrial, maritime and power generation companies.