Frequently Ask Questions
1. What Government Agency (ies) recognized LHESSACORP. to correct Technical Safety Inspection.?
      DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment)
Technical Safety Inspection
1. What is the frequency of inspection for Lifting Equipment?
      At least once a year.
2. How do you assure the technically safe quality of the Equipment?
      We assured the technically safe quality, after our Technical Inspection.
3. In case of an accident happened due to failure of equipment, whose responsibility is this about?
      It all depends, if it was by operation (Operator's responsibility), or parts failure – the owner's responsibility.
4. What Technical services does the company render?
      4.1 Technical Safety Inspection Services as required by Department of Labor and Employment
      4.2 Technical Inspection of Heavy Construction Equipment for better output performance
      4.3 Technical Skills Training (Rigging and Crane Operation)
      4.4 Scaffold Erection Skills Training
Certified Rigging Gears
1. Is this Technical Safety Inspection Agency supplying Certified rigging Gear/s?
      Yes, already certified.
2. Is this Agency a Rigging Gear/s certifying agency?
      Being a Government Accredited Technical Safety Agency carrying out Safety Inspection, Yes.
3. What Standard Safety Gear are you certifying?
      3.1 We certify and sell rigging gear already certified for immediate use.
      3.2 We certify and sell steel and web slings, fittings, etc., all being certified.
Training for the Future Skilled Workers
1. What skills training could your agency offer for construction support supervisors/workers that could meet
    the working standard?
      1.1 Rigging Operation and Safety
      1.2 Crane Operation and Safety
      1.3 Scaffold Erection and Safety
      1.5 Welding (NDT) Inspection
2. What Technical Training is your company rendering?
      2.1 We render Heavy Equipment Operation Training, equipment has to be client's supplied.
      2.2 We render Scaffolding Erection Training, scaffolds has to be client's supplied.
      2.3 We render skills interviews for manpower supply under a special request and arrangement.
      2.4 We render an in-house training for other Technical Skills, with lectures and hands-on, at clients' site.